A work-in-progress of the darkest depths where the saline-scoundrels, swindlers,  surly, and sunken-eyed can be found! I still have a lot I want to do with this scene - for fun, not for use in a production setting (probably) - so keep your eyes posted!

Quick merge all ---> decimate ---> automatic UV unwrap--->bake!

My idea for the scene began with the idea of a couple of "pool sharks" drinking and eating chum while trying to play pool. I had the idea that the game of "pool" would actually be played on top of water. The pool balls would float on top of the surface and the game would be played similar to how we play pool now! I managed to get a basic water-simulation-mesh from Maya to use as a starting point.

Wall decor

Ceiling/wall tile .sbs pattern

Substance Designer node graph for the procedural ceiling tile material.

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