Survived By
I am not affiliated with the companies involved with Survived By and I am only doing this to learn from a studio perspective what it takes to make a game. I do not intend to redistribute nor profit from this endeavor in any way. In any event, the developers have taken precautions against this type of thing by obfuscating the networked code - arguably, the most important bit - so evaluation and tampering of the code is quite difficult (if not impossible) - regardless, rewriting the code to gain some arbitrary advantage in the game is not the intent of this project.
Survived By is a 2D roguelike, bullet-hell MMO made by Human Head Studios. I have been playing the game recently and I've been so inspired by such an idea for a genre that I wanted to  I decided to check out what I could gather from the Steam files to learn from the data that was stored locally on my machine. The results were pretty spectacular!
Lucky for me, I realized that I was looking at a Unity game. Looking through each script, I was amazed at how the game had been built. This was the first time I had ever dug into any game's files and I quickly discerned that I would need external tools to extract and comprehend as much of the data as I could.
Over these next couple of September weeks I plan on recreating some of the core user interface, player movement using the new Input System for Unity that I talk about here,
and the logic for how bullets are shot in various patterns (we'll be using a Unity-wrapped version of BulletML), and possibly making an additional class to play.

Here is a custom logo I made for the game as well as the animations for some of my favorite creatures. To my knowledge, some of these monsters don't even appear in-game!

 Tutorial section (still in-development) that will introduce the character to the various mechanics of the game.

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