This is a gallery of photogrammetry work I've done. All capture work was recreated using Autodesk ReCap or Agisoft Photoscan. After any initial mesh data has been cleaned, white-balance of textures has been achieved, we can bring it into an open-source program to auto-retopologize the model called Instant Meshes. It's a very useful little piece of software that can also even turn dense point cloud data into a mesh. With a little bit of guidance, we can tell the program where to place edge loops and proper topology to quickly turn a scanned mesh into a usable 3D model for games.

A look at the typical workflow for making a game-ready mesh from Instant Meshes. Obtain object, assign edge loop regions, and extract a low-poly mesh. There are options to make better versions of models the one on the far-right is just the one I had the program make very quickly.

Textured and rendered in Substance Painter.

So we've got some assets, what else can we do with them? We'll have to bake maps, de-light the corresponding textures to make sure the objects look believable in any environment, and possibly even render the objects out as sprites from within Unity!

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