This is a gallery of photogrammetry work I've done. All capture work was recreated using Autodesk ReCap or Agisoft Photoscan. As you saw for the cover of this gallery, I have even tried to scan myself! I haven't quite achieved that effect yet with my tooling but I am going to keep trying different techniques. All retopo was done in an open-source program called Instant Meshes.

From left to right, a typical workflow for making a game-ready mesh from within the Instant Meshes program. Import object, assign edge loop regions, and extract a low-poly mesh. There are options to make crisper versions of models the one on the far-right is just the one I had the program make very quickly.
The cover image for this page of the gallery is a profile image of the best asset I've managed to recreate - this little arcade machine I found. I am slowly but surely figuring out the process of achieving the look of the original model.

Resulting scan after about ~80 photos. It's not perfect but we can definitely use it after some cleanup!


Forgotten stone sculpture from our backyard. Textured and rendered in Substance Painter.

So we've got some assets, what else can we do with them? We'll have to de-light the corresponding textures to make sure the objects look believable in any environment and possibly even render the objects out as pixel-esque sprites from within Unity - the possibilities are endless!

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