I haven't had the opportunity to use Marmoset Toolbag yet but I did download a free trial to another piece of their software, Hexels. Primarily functioning like a graphic design tool, Marmoset Hexels is not just a tool for creating 2D art; it is a piece of software designed to imbue the spirit of game development into your 2D works of art. Marmoset has long been a corporate player in the game industry with their rendering technology and Hexels is a strong contingency in their creative credibility.

I began using this software to stretch my creative limits for Unity Technologies' 2D contest. The criteria for the contest only requires that you be using any of the latest additions to their 2D technologies and you must be documenting your use of these tools. I think that Hexels is a perfect match for the new hexagonal grid system in the TileMap portion of Unity - the software can even help establish 2D isometric tiles for your game as well. Hexels is as complex as you need it to be and I hope to be using more of this tool in the future.

Small thumbnail of a sci-fi character and a spread of hexagonal bullets.

Reference image that I used to abstract the character.

Just a simple process animation...I think the best feature I have found in this program is that you can add textures to your tiles to give your characters that extra little bit of detail! Of course, there is a lot more that you can do besides simply adding texture to your art and being able to export to any type of .gif, spritesheet, or whatever you might need is a nice feature to have too.

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