I have found the ideal .NET developer environment. I have tried customizing both Visual Studio and VSCode to my liking but so far nothing beats the experience of working with JetBrains intricate IDE, Rider.
Just like any other programmer tool, Rider, is highly customizable, configurable and functional. After signing up to download a year-long student license of the software and trying it out for a while now - by and large, I am a proponent of this software.

It will be difficult to tell what is going on in the IDE just from the picture alone above but imagine a world where your IDE is consistently giving visual queues about method signatures, syntax suggestions, and redundancies / dead lines of code. This is the perfect tool for a beginner. 

As mentioned above, you can get a year-long license by signing up for the Github student pack (not sure if that is still available). You can also manage to get another year's worth of time with the IDE if you contribute to an open-source project!
Very cool!

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