The goal for this project was to prototype a 3D scene as quickly as possible in Unity using three tools: Google's Poly, Probuilder, and Polybrush.
(Poly is a library of virtual-reality-created data.)
Getting Started
Poly is accessed in Unity through a "Polykit" and is just a simple unity package that you import into Unity -  this will give you complete access to any uploaded "Poly" asset!
Probuilder - is a great tool for building scenes.
Polybrush - is a sculpting tool for sculpting over geometry in a scene.

Sadly, PolyBrush does not work in Unity 2018 but all of the other "Poly" themed assets mentioned in this post still do! AND, I'm not thoroughly enjoying Probuilder so far but it is a nice tool to know how to use. For me personally, I think using an external 3D package (like Houdini or Maya) just makes more sense to work with.
I have been tooling around with shader graph as well and I want to figure out how to automatically update the shaders from Googly Poly that render the Poly 3D data into something that works with the new scriptable render pipeline.

A few models I found perusing Poly and imported with their default shaders. The Googly Poly shaders don't exactly work with either of the new rendering pipelines in Unity but I imagine there will be a fix for that at some point.

Maya viewport of Google Poly sculpt data. This is just an exported look at the scene using a .obj export utility I found on the Asset Store...pretty neat looking at the detail that people used to make the models.

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