Short overview of what "Poly" is - incredibly useful library to have when prototyping a project.

Alas, it's 2018 and I still don't have a VR rig to make any 3D models with! Fortunately, I do have Unity and I do have Google's online 3D library of Tiltbrush and Block assets,
Google's "Polykit" is a simple unity package that you import into Unity -  Google takes care of the rest!
I wanted to prototype a 3D scene as quickly as possible in Unity using Poly, Probuilder, and Polybrush.
- Probuilder is a great tool for building scenes.
- Polybrush is a sculpting tool for sculpting over geometry in a scene.
- Poly, well, you've heard enough about it by now! 3D stuff!
Sadly, PolyBrush does not work in Unity 2018 but all of the other "Poly" themed assets mentioned in this post still do! AND, I'm not thoroughly enjoying Probuilder so far but it is a nice tool to know how to use. For me personally, I think using an external 3D package (like Houdini or Maya) makes more sense to try to do some level design with.
I have been messing around with shader graph as well and I want to figure out how to automatically update the shaders that render the Poly data into something that works with the new scriptable render pipeline.
In any event, be careful not to overload your scene with 3D data and have fun if you try out the tools!

"Poly" Logo

Polybrush/Probuilder scene

A few models I found perusing Poly. Will definitely be using Shader Graph to make a water and a skybox shader.

Exported the scene out of Unity using a utility I found on the Asset Store. This is how Tiltbrush data looks in a 3D program...pretty neat!

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