As this is most likely the first post that you will see when you get to the landing page for the website...I figure an introduction is in order! I am a formally trained digital artist and .NET programmer. I intend to utilize the I've gained skills in a creative, technical manner to express, inform, and develop the decisions of the creative region.
I graduated from Michigan State University in May of 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Information with a focus on Game Design and Development. In December of 2017, I obtained a technical certification from a .NET/C# bootcamp in Metro-Detroit.
As of August 2018, I am now a Unity certified 3D artist! For a long while, I was on a hiatus from doing any sort of 3D work but I am back! For the past year or so, I was reacquainting myself to the world of C# programming as a back-end developer at a technical bootcamp. Previously, I had done a small amount of programming for games in Unity when I was at MSU and I decided to put a pursuit in 3D on hold so I could re-familiarize myself with coding in the hopes of finding some long-term work.
Nowadays, I am proactive in both art and programming; I'll include links to their two respective sections of the website and you can view either (or both) galleries of your choosing. also Clicking the first link above will take you to the "programmer" section of the website where you can view Unity or .NET projects.  The second link will take you to the art gallery. Lastly, the links below this post will take you to my social media if you want to follow along with me elsewhere. Currently, I am working on a project to celebrate my certifications with Unity, 3D art, and .NET programming.

Thank you for taking a look!
- Evan
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