This was just a little project of mine that I did in a day. I was navigating Maya's interface and I was trying to remember how to import assets that come with Maya just to do so some prop/accessory modeling.  I happened to notice a "new" feature of Maya 2017 called Character Generator. It's a browser-based application where you can generate a wide range of characters and then download them to use in Maya/Unity/wherever - completely free of charge (if you're a student). These are just a few characters I quickly generated. The characters themselves come with rigs/textures  and after you generate your design you can specify varying levels of mesh density to tailor to your needs whether it be modeling, sculpting, or animating.

The character generator generates a Phong shader in Maya over the eyes to act as the sclera/cornea. Arnold doesn't like it for whatever reason. The hair was done using Xgen - at least it looks nice.

Was trying to do some problem solving into why the eyes weren't rendering properly because of course the eyes render fine not using Arnold...this image was rendered with Maya's standard software render view.

15k faces. Not bad for a big guy.

Blend shape fun

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