I'm a recent graduate of Michigan State University. I'm a lover of all things games and tech. In short, I want to to utilize my skills in a creative, technical manner to obtain a starting position in a field of software development. I am formally trained in both digital art and modern-day programming!

I've been (unknowingly) working with many similar tools that video game artists use to create their assets since my days of high school. In high school, I had planned on becoming an engineer and I was introduced to the industry-standard 3D modeling programs a typical engineer would use: AutoCad, Inventor, etc. I was also instructed on how to create mechanical drawings/blueprints that would help bring a product to life. Nowadays, I use a different type of 3D software: Zbrush, Maya, and Substance Painter to name a few.

It only seemed natural to me that I should use my love for drawing and the 3D skills I had learned to make something out of it. I decided to direct my attention towards a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Information at Michigan State University. The focus of my degree was in Games and Interactive Media. In addition to my B.A. classes, I was also working towards a minor as a member of MSU's Game Design and Development program. To say the least, the program was a fast-paced, rigorous, collaborative experience. It was a life-changing experience. I had to be resourceful, while still performing reliably, and I knew that no matter what I had to do - whether that was working a weekend job every week during the year or learning as much as I could outside of the classroom - I was determined to get a job in the industry I had become so enthralled with. 
A year after graduating from MSU, I was still looking for a job. I thought it'd be wise to instead start focusing on a different sector of tech - programming. I joined an initiative in downtown Detroit called Grand Circus and I'm currently in the final half of the .NET bootcamp learning how to make web applications. After the bootcamp, I hope to find a career in Metro Detroit as a software developer or a game designer.
I am constantly learning and honing my skills.
 If you're interested in contacting me, I hope you'll head over to the contact section! 
(You can find my latest project, here.) 
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